October 22

Seek Knowledge: Seek Paradise – PART 2


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031 Formal education will make you more wise going forward in life:

Wisdom isn’t only something you acquire with age, the more you educate yourself the more wise you become, even at a young age.  By educating your child, you’re allowing them to take advantage of all the wisdom for the betterment of themselves. 

032 In a school setting a child will be able to start learning new languages which will help later on in life: 

Learning new languages is almost always required now, because of jobs in the future and the way technology has opened up communication with everyone everywhere.  By helping your child learn a new language you’re helping them grow into a versatile and professional individual. 

033 We’re lucky to be able to have free schooling for children, which is why it should be taken advantage of!

Like we mentioned before, we’re lucky to be able to send our children to school, so that’s why it should be taken advantage of with clubs, sports, arts, etc.  Help your child make the most of their schooling experience. 

034 Your child will learn to help others in their community:

Encouraging your child to take charge of their education could also light a fire within them to help reach out to others who need help in the local community.  Learning how to help others might seem easy, but education is the best way to make sure that they understand how important it really is. 


035 Learning how to express themselves in a healthy way is important:

A child should always know how to express themselves in a way that is healthy and not at all destructive.  Children go through so much and having an outlet that works for them can even be found in school, whether it’s getting good grades or even joining a club.

036 A child will learn how to be a rational human being by being educated:

Learning how to be rational all the time is tough, even adults have issues with it.  But with the help of education it will come much easier for those children in the future to be rational about the choices they end up making.

037 If you’re educated it’s harder for you to be fooled into tricks and schemes:

If your child isn’t well rounded when it comes to education and learning, it might be more likely that they’ll become gullible and be taken advantage of.  Whether that’s in the form of bullying or not getting good grades.  Education can help form your child to understand conversations and comprehend the meaning of actions, individuals personalities, and intentions.

038 Education creates more and more jobs for those who want to help create a bright future for the next generation:

By a child becoming educated, they will have the right tools to insure the future of the children after them.  In the future they will be able to fully put their hard work to use and make the world a better place for those next in line.  This kind of cycle is key to a healthy humanity.

039 By being educated, later on in life you will experience less struggle and stress:

Stress is almost like a plague today, it’s everywhere and almost everyone deals with it.  While education won’t make it go away, it will help ease the burden and help your child be capable of handling it much better and with more grace. 


040 Early on a child will be able to make right decisions on their own if they are educated:

Being able to make choices for yourself and to avoid the issue of indecisiveness that many of us deal with, will help your child get their life together later on in their life.  They won’t have a problem making a rational choice because they know they will be able to trust themselves. 


041 Making a name for themselves and branding themselves in the future:

If your child wanted to branch out into their own business, it all starts with education.  Whether they’re young or much older, their knowledge will be what makes them stand apart when they follow a new dream of theirs.  Whether it’s opening a restaurant or creating a new scientific study, it all comes back to education.

042 By being educated, individuals experience less crimes and law breaking:

If a child takes to education early on, they will have a much more informed perspective of the world which will lead them to staying out of trouble in most cases.  Education has proven that it can actually help people stay out of crimes and trouble. 

043 Education will make your child stand out from the crowd:

Whether they are applying to jobs or colleges in the future, by taking education seriously, your child will be able to stand out from the crowd in ways that others don’t.  If your child puts the work in, their acceptance will be much easier than those without that same determination. 

044 Secure your future by being educated as much as possible by setting goals:

Do you want your child to be able to secure their future as much as possible? Well that’s possible by schools encouraging your child to set goals for themselves for the future.  Whether that’s in the form of a future letter you’ll open up a few years from now or a simple list. 

045 When you are educated you’re taking the first steps to becoming a better citizen:

Education is what informs us all of the world around us, even when it’s about our local community.  By being educated your child will become a better citizen that will benefit others and themselves in the future when it matters the very most.

046 Starting education as early as possible will help your child form a positive opinion about learning:

Even before kindergarten it’s important to create an environment where your child wants to learn and they want to become smarter, this will overall give them a very positive opinion when it comes to schooling in the future. Instead of most kids who end up hating school because it seems like a chore.

047 When you are educated you have more grounds to be able to make an informed decision:

Too many people today are quick on their feet making bad decisions that are just rash in the end.  By being educated your child will learn how to make an informed decision and get their thoughts across clearly and very precisely.

048 Forming good motor skills early on will give them a more balanced approach to all types of education:

By engaging in creative aspects of schools such as art and music, your child will develop motor skills that will play an important role in every class they end up taking, even mathematics and science.  They will be able to learn how to handle any situation thrown their way.


049 School will help your child learn how to focus on the task before them:

Focus seems to be a fleeting idea recently, but by focusing on school and the tasks given, your child will be formed into a young adult who can actually complete their tasks with quality and perfection in mind. Focus is key to success. 

050 Learning how to have a proper discussion and not letting emotions get the best of your child: 

Life is filled with hardships, but by letting your child know the ins and outs of having a proper discussion or debate starts in their school environment.  Not only will this element help them later on in their career, they will also know when to allow emotions into the mix and when to hold back. 

Muslim Kids TV takes education very seriously. We have various ways in which to make education the prime focus of your child.

Educational games anyone?


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