March 28

How to Make Ramadan Exciting for Kids

Ramadan brings with it an opportunity for families to come together, strengthen bonds, and partake in the spiritual journey as a unified unit. While we parents find it easy to immerse ourselves in rituals and teachings of this special time, it’s equally important to ensure we create lasting memories that resonate for our kids through generations in sha Allah.

1. Establishing Rituals and Traditions

Create a sense of anticipation and unity within the family by establishing rituals and traditions specific to Ramadan. This could include communal iftar (breaking of the fast) gatherings, nightly Qur’an readings, or engaging in acts of charity together. These traditions serve to deepen familial bonds and impart a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

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2. Encouraging Reflection and Gratitude

Use this time to encourage reflection and gratitude within the family. Engage in discussions about the significance of Ramadan and the blessings it bestows. This fosters an environment of mindfulness, nurturing an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance in life.

3. Involving Children in Acts of Charity

Teach children the value of giving and compassion by involving them in acts of charity. Whether it’s organizing a food drive, visiting the less fortunate, or contributing to a charitable cause, instilling a spirit of generosity from a young age imparts invaluable lessons and shapes compassionate individuals.

4. Finding Spiritual Unity Through Prayer

Praying together as a family not only strengthens spiritual bonds but also creates a sense of communal devotion. Encourage family members to partake in prayers, especially Taraweeh, fostering a shared commitment to worship and spiritual growth.

5. Embracing the Joy of Suhoor and Iftar

Gather as a family during suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and iftar, breaking the fast together, sharing experiences, and relishing the nourishment and blessings of these moments. This daily practice creates opportunities for meaningful conversations, laughter, and a sense of closeness that enriches the family dynamic.

6. Fostering Empathy and Understanding

Use Ramadan as a platform to teach empathy and understanding. Discuss the importance of patience, forgiveness, and the virtues of empathy, exemplifying these qualities in interactions with family members. This fosters an environment of emotional intelligence and compassion within the family unit.

7. Cultivating Educational Opportunities

Utilize this auspicious month as an opportunity for educational endeavors within the family. Encourage the reading and understanding of the Qur’an, engage in discussions about its teachings, and provide space for questions and exploration of Islamic knowledge, fostering a culture of learning within the household. Check out The Quran Recitation Buddy at Muslim Kids TV that allows kids to recite the Quran, memorise and track their progress in a fun and engaging manner.

In conclusion, Ramadan presents families with a golden opportunity to nurture a profound sense of togetherness, spirituality, and compassion. By establishing meaningful traditions, imparting valuable lessons, and engaging in acts of worship and charity as a collective unit, families can harness the transformative power of Ramadan to cultivate enduring bonds and enrich the lives of each member. May this sacred month bring forth an abundance of blessings, unity, and spiritual elevation to every family embarking on this journey of faith and devotion.


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