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Seek Knowledge: Seek Paradise – PART 1


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When children reach the age of seeking knowledge, it’s one of the most critical points of their lives.  It falls upon the parents to implement new ways of shaping the idea of education in a way that will be beneficial for the child later on throughout these important moments.  Typically a child will start their journey into education from when they are 5 years old to an adult of 18 years old.  If they choose to further extend their education that could add on another 4-6 years of education.  

Because of the sheer length of time spent in formal education, it’s crucially important that a child knows early on that school isn’t a waste of time, it shouldn’t be disregarded, and it will help them create a future that they love and cherish.  While those concepts might be hard to introduce when your child is just starting kindergarten, there are ways to introduce the important values of schooling in fun and engaging ways.

“Allah will exalt those of you who believe and those who have knowledge to high degrees” (Surah Al Mujadila: Ayah 11)

001_Education inspires young individuals to go out into the world and create a difference:

Education creates a connection that will inspire individuals to do anything they possibly can to change the world for the better.  By implementing the importance of education and explaining that to your child, you’ll be showing them that they can change the world how they want to in a positive way.

002_Knowledge is key to growing up and developing your determination:

Without the ability to learn more, a child might become stifled and anxious when it comes to new ideas and problem solving.  By keeping knowledge as one of the most important elements of your child’s life you’ll be able to help them develop determination and they will never give up on what they want most in life.  They will know that working hard and setting goals will lead them to accomplishing what they want. 

003_Education helps children form new perspectives and how they choose to look at life:

Education provides children with the right tools to look at a bigger perspective when it comes to their journey through schooling.  Without being properly educated it’s very easy to allow a child to never open up to different lives than what they are used to in their own life. 

004_Keeping up good grades and positive application at school increases confidence in themselves:

School is directly linked to the development of confidence.  By allowing your child to thrive in school they will develop new ways to better themselves by being surrounded by friends who love and support them, as well as teachers who will help a child feel confident in the classroom by pushing them to work harder and better.

005_Education helps end poverty and hunger around the world, because of children learning new skills to benefit their community and families:

Education creates jobs and when a child is being formed through formal education it will give them the right direction to head towards by allowing them to express themselves in ways they wouldn’t normally be able to.  By learning new skills that will end up benefiting their community and family, a child will help the world as a whole. 

006_By letting a child form their own opinions it builds better character and ethics that they will have for the rest of their life:

Even though it’s very common for parents to be overbearing when it comes to very controversial topics such as politics, by exploring what they know in a safe setting and allowing them time to develop their own opinions separate from their parents, they will overall be a stronger member of society that knows to think for themselves. 

007_Education explores and exposes children to the realities of the world, the earlier the better:

Allowing children to learn about other cultures, beliefs, and customs, you’re allowing the child to become a more understanding and compassionate driven person.  In our world today this is crucial, these are the individuals that will create changes that make the world a better place for all. 

008_By learning in a social environment a child will form more comfort around others, making them more social and beneficial to society:

If a child doesn’t become used to the social norms society currently has in place, it can make their future much more difficult.  They will have trouble connecting with those around them and they will fall behind when it comes to how expressive they are with their passions. By making sure a child is being pushed in a compassionate way and shown that social activities aren’t something to fear, they will be able to quickly reach their long term goals. 

009_Being educated can help improve new methods when it comes to technology that is ever changing:

Technology is constantly changing every day.  It’s a cycle that will always need new individuals to help implement their opinions and intelligence to better the lives for all.  Introducing your child to the fun of innovation in science and technology will give them a solid base to boost their future to success, no matter what they choose to do. 

010_Children are the youths of the future, without educated individuals, our communities would grow stagnant:

Children are meant to be formed in a way that will keep them inspired and creative, after all, they are the individuals who are next in line when it comes to caring for our planet.  By making sure they are formed in a way that will accomplish their own goals and the improvement of their community, they will be able to change anything. 

011_By being educated you’re almost guaranteed to have a happy life:

If a child begins education not only will it push them to better themselves in many ways, they will also have a better chance when it comes to having a happy life that they have always dreamed of.  While it is possible in some cases to not go this route, it’s very difficult and stressful to do so for only a small chance.

012_Learning leadership qualities are just as important and they are taught in school environments:

By learning leadership qualities and applying that to a child’s daily life, it will give them the confidence to reach their goals and set goals in the first place.  It’s crucially important that a child knows how to be a leader so they can make their own informed decisions. 

013_A more educated individual will create more money in their life:

Even though many of us probably wish this wasn’t true, money does rule a lot of what we do in our lives.  By being educated early on there is more of a chance that your child will create a more substantial income throughout their life, in turn making their lives easier in some ways.

 014 Education will help educate your child on how to save the environment:

Our world and the environment we are surrounded by all reflect our direct actions on a daily basis.  If we teach children how to care for the world around us, it will end up benefiting all of us. Taking care of the environment is at a point where it has to change as quickly as possible and the new generation is going to be the key to success. 

015 School inspires children to release their inner creativity:

School allows a child to be put in a position where they feel free to express their inner creativity in ways they might not at home.  Whether it’s in art class or even science class, creativity is an aspect of innovation that flourishes in a formal schooling environment.

016 Education creates further career opportunities in the future for anyone:

By looking into the future it’s much more reassuring to know that by instilling a positive view on education early on will inspire your child to pursue further education such as college, in turn allowing them to be more successful on their career path. 

017 By going to school your child will be giving back to the world in the long run:

In the big picture, if your child goes to school, they will be given the necessary tools to benefit the world in the long run, whether that’s because of their career dreams or how they have compassion for the earth and the people on it, it will all play an important role. 

018 Knowledge is without a doubt the strongest power you could possibly have:

Knowledge is the most powerful element you could have and by giving that to your child you’ll be altering their world and allowing them to form into their own unique person.  This will have a direct impact on everything around them, that can’t happen without the strong base of education and knowledge.

019 School will help your child realize their potential:

Schools are not just put into place for a child to learn about subjects in a text book, school will also help your child realize their full potential, their dreams, their aspirations, everything they believe in themselves.  Unlock this potential by allowing your child to grow in a safe environment in their own way. 

020 If you want your child to have a stable life, education is always necessary:

A child is able to thrive within a school system because of the constant support balanced with real life situations that will help them prepare for their life in the future on their own as an adult.  While it’s not a shocking transition, it’s a transition that’s natural and helpful for the future. 

021 A child will see the world from a perspective of equality and compassion:

We need this more now than ever.  By allowing your child to be educated you’re also going to be teaching them how to have compassion and the perspective of equality.  In a world that’s so harsh and hateful, instilling this mindset into your child will help them form their own opinions that will help others.

022 By being educated a child will have access to technology and learn how to stay up to date with the latest tech!

Technology is constantly changing, by letting your child learn everything possible about modern tech you’ll be helping them have the ability to adapt to new tech that hasn’t even been created yet.  Because it’s constantly changing, you’ll see right away just how crucial this element is to forming a child in today’s modern day. 

023 A child will learn their rights so they can’t be taken advantage of by anyone!

One of the most important things that a child can learn about when they start school, are their rights in this country.  Knowing your human rights are something that will keep you safe and secure throughout your life.  Knowing them as well as possible could possibly even save your life in the future. 

 024 By being educated, your child will be able to help those who don’t have access to education in other areas of the world:

There are so many children and adults in the world today that don’t have access to education.  By your child taking all they can from their education they will be in a better position to help those who don’t have the same privilege in their life at the moment. 

025 By being educated you have more ability to be self dependent:

Being an independent individual will not only help a child secure a job in the future but it will also help them gain more respect for themselves and the goals that they end up creating for themselves.  Education will help push your child to the point they will become self dependent and they won’t have to rely on anyone. 

026 Learning how to be competitive in a healthy environment will help your career later:

Competition doesn’t always have to be harsh and unfair.  But it is important to remember that competition is an aspect of life no matter how you grow up.  But by making sure your child is educated, you’ll find that they feel more confident in a competitive setting which will give them an edge above the rest.

027 The world will be a safer and more peace filled environment for all of those trying to thrive:

We live in a very cruel world, but education will help inspire children to continue to gravitate towards a more peaceful alternative.  Not only for themselves, but they will be inspired to change the world for all around them for the better.

028 Schools provide resources a child wouldn’t easily be able to get a hold of: 

It’s very rare that a parent will spend thousands of dollars on textbooks and other materials that a child can just use from going to school, which is why it’s so important that a child is fully engaged in the school environment and uses as much as possible to learn more.

029 By being active in school a child will learn what it means to have morals and ethics:

Having a moral code is developed over time and can even drastically change as an adult, but by having the opportunity to think for themselves, a child in school will have a great base to start off with then it comes to developing their own morals and ethics. 

030 Education can turn a child’s dreams into a reality:

Education can turn dreams into a reality, whether that has to do with accomplishing goals your child has set for themselves or even their career.  It’s important that your child reaches for the stars as early as possible, because anything can happen if they work hard enough.


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