October 23

What’s Happening To Me? – PART 1


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Puberty is a sign from Allah SWT that they are old enough to be accountable for themselves.

As parents, raising kids in a wholesome manner before the uncertainties of puberty kick in will give us the peace of mind and inherent security for a child too. They are now ready to face whatever life has to throw at them be it physical changes or behavioral ones.

1. In order to receive money, you must work for it:    

Raise responsible and non-spoiled kids by teaching them that money doesn’t grow on trees. If they want an allowance, they have to earn it! 

2. Don’t leave things until the last minute:

Use a calendar to keep track of projects and tests. Check daily with children to make sure they are working 30 minutes a day, building up to the test or task. 

3. Always prepare for school the night before:

Help your child into an easy routine of getting ready for school before they go to bed.  

4. Advise that birds of a feather flock together:

Have a heart-to-heart conversation with your child and help them understand that they should choose their friends wisely. 

5. Teach you only to make a first impression once:

Remind your children to be polite, kind, and friendly to all who they speak with; and to always look presentable.

6. Teach that families come in different forms:

Emphasize that no matter who raises a child, they are being taken care of, with nothing but their best interest in mind. 

7. Banish bullying:

One way you can teach your child not to bully others is to accept friendships from everyone.

8. Monitor your child’s social media:

Parents must be aware of the dangers of social media and monitor what their child writes and is exposed to daily. 

9. Monitor your children’s text messages:

Help your child make responsible decisions; review what they write to avoid dangerous or embarrassing situations that they may also regret.

10. Teach about the dangers of drugs and alcohol:

The best way to prevent your child from trying drugs and alcohol is to be a good role model yourself.  

11. Don’t take things personally:

Your child is becoming more and more independent. Don’t take it personally if you invite your child and they decline. 

12. Plan out a weekend activity:

Your child will see that they are a major priority in your world, which helps children of all ages feel valued and accepted. 

13. Take a Back Seat on the Direct Approach:

Try to take a backseat when being direct. Your child should learn and grow, make their own mistakes and learn from them. 

14. Hold off on Judgment:

Try to open up your mind to their wants and needs. Just because they like something you don’t doesn’t mean they are wrong. 

15. Approach the Birds and the Bees:

Find options and choices to speak about, but still do not get them off the hook with talking about these important subjects. 

16. Count to Three to Avoid an Overreaction:

Tweens can make you very angry, very fast. Before you overreact, always breathe and count to three before you make a statement or move. 

17. Face the Facts:

Only Allah knows best what is our future.  But beware that there are other influences in your child’s world- accept it and take action!


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