March 20

Instilling the Love of Allah in Children’s Heart


As parents, we want to ensure that our children learn and appreciate the values of Islam, but we don’t want to instil in them a sense of fear or obligation when it comes to their faith. It can be difficult for us to figure out the best way to help kids love Allah and Islam without forcing it upon them. Here are some tips for helping kids embrace their faith without making them feel like they have no choice:

Make sure that you create an environment where your child feels safe and loved.

Just as with any other kind of learning, a child needs a secure and loving environment in order to better understand religion. Show your child kindness and patience when teaching him or her about Allah and Islam.

You should also provide plenty of books, materials, activities, stories, and videos that teach Islamic teachings in an engaging way.

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Ensure that your children understand the concept of tawhid (monotheism)

This is one of the most fundamental concepts of Islam, so it’s important for children to understand it from an early age. You can explain it in simple terms; for example, that there is only one God who should be worshipped, and no other gods should be worshipped besides Him.

Introduce them to 99 names of Allah

The Qur’an talks about Allah having 99 beautiful names, which can often be a great starting point when introducing Allah to young children. These names carry deep meaning and provide insight into different aspects of Allah– His mercy, His power, His wisdom, etc. As children learn and understand these names more deeply, they will gain a richer sense of who Allah is and how He interacts with us

  One way to encourage your child’s curiosity is by creating activities centered around the names of Allah such as art projects. This allows them to express their creativity while also exploring the meaning behind each name.

Instill a sense of gratitude

Instilling gratitude in your children towards Allah for all His blessings; this will help them appreciate their Creator more deeply. For instance, talk to them about the blessing of food or water, showing them how we depend on Allah for these things. In particular, emphasize that even when things don’t go our way—for example if they don’t get good grades or have difficulty making friends—we can still thank Allah because He has provided us with many blessings in life regardless of our circumstances.

Admire the creations of Allah

Going outdoors and exploring nature can be a great way to teach your child about Allah’s creations in a more tangible way. Talk about how everything around us was created by Allah—from animals and plants, down to tiny bugs! Point out specific details like colors, textures, shapes and sizes—all these things were put together by Allah in perfect harmony.

           Plan activities with children like planting seeds or visiting farms or zoos will also help your child grasp the concept of creation better than just reading about it from a book. 

Develop an interest in Allah-centered activities

Involve in activities such as duaa (supplication), dhikr (remembrance) and Quran recitation together with your children—this helps make religious activities part of daily life rather than something foreign or distant from everyday reality

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, set a good example for the children yourself – practice what you preach! Show your love and devotion towards Allah through your own actions; Try to do extra acts of worship throughout the year then this might motivate your kids too!


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