October 25

What’s Happening To Me? – PART 3


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38. Complete Charity Work as a Family:

No matter how “bad” they think they have it, others can be much worse off. Encourage a philanthropic interest by volunteering for a cause in your community, as a family. 

39. Explore Career Interests:

It’s never too early to start thinking and talking about the future. Help your child by making a list of possible careers. 

40. Create a Teenager Basket:

Your tween will  be thankful with this basket (deodorant, razors, feminine products, etc) so they won’t have to be nervous to ask!

41. Respect your child’s privacy:

Privacy is also needed as tweens become more modest about their changing bodies, so respect their space; especially if they ask for it. 

42. Take a Backseat when Hormones Take over:

Your tween is trying to cope and react to their hormone surges, so let them release their emotions.  Give them space, and just follow up.  

43. Have an Anger Outlet:

When hormones do unleash, have a space prepared where your child can go to be alone and take out their frustrations. 

44. Be a friend:

You can easily be a friend to your child by having listening ears ready at all times.  Have your ears ready at all times.   

45. Don’t hold a grudge:

Your tween is bound to say something hurtful in one of their emotional outbursts. It is important to be quiet, understanding, and sympathetic. 

46. Play down popularity:

Always compliment them on their character, rather than their appearance; and praise them for their academic accomplishments, and not so much their social status. 

47. Take fads in stride:

Tweens are into one thing one day and something else the next. Children constantly change their minds, listen and help foster their interests. 

48. Don’t bend on rules:

Once you carefully establish rules, stick to them. This will teach your tween that you are firm, and they are expected to abide by them when living in your home. 

49. Reward exceptional behavior:

Always praise your child when they help out without being asked, get good grades, and do something that simply amazes you. 

50. Join a Support Group:

It takes a village to raise a child!Hearing others’ stories & gaining new tips and strategies is helpful & a stress reliever for many parents. 

If tackled in the right way, accustomizing your child before puberty strikes is a step taken in the right direction.

Seek help from the Qur’an and the Sunnah to raise efficient, strong minded and sorted children.

Muslim Kids TV can ease matters for you right away!

Enjoy family time with your kids with some games:



Or, perhaps watch an interesting series to instill love for the Prophet SAW!




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