April 11

WaveFront Wrap Up


Muslim Kids TV wraps up a month in the MENA Region.

In November we were pleased to announce our participation in the WaveFront Global Market Entry Program. Muslim Kids TV spent most of December visiting Istanbul; Dubai Abu Dhabi; Kuwait City and Doha.

(WaveFront MENA Team: Kevin Gervais, CEO Staflo; John Miller, Senior Director ICT Export Development Canada; Ben Terrill VP Mobify; Daniele Haddad ICT Trade Commissioner; Michael Milo, CEO Muslim Kids TV; Brian Roberts, VP Global Services WaveFront)

WaveFront is a Canadian accelerator based in Vancouver. It has been instrumental in growing and developing Canadian companies in the mobile and wireless industries.

(Brian Roberts VP Global Services WaveFront, speaking at Telecom Review Summit – Smart Cities Panel)

Muslim Kids TV is currently in negotiations with a number of regional distribution channels and partners as a result of the trip.

We would like to extend a special thanks to WaveFront, Export Development Canada and the Canadian Trade Commission services across the region who enabled so many meetings for us.


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