March 8

Mujeeb and Steve – Teaching about Muslims in Public Schools


Muslim Kids TV’s commitment to kids reaches children of all faiths and backgrounds

It is for that reason we are very proud of our series Mujeeb and Steve.

The series made it debut on Muslim Kids TV in June, 2016. Mujeeb and Steve is a very unique series that teaches children, youth and even adults some of the basics of Islam in a fun and entertaining manner. 

We believe that humour breaks down barriers and brings peoples’ hearts closer together.

This month we released an important new addition to the Mujeeb and Steve video series. There is now an Educator’s Guide developed specifically for teachers in the public school system. The Educator’s Guide provides direction on how to use the Mujeeb and Steve video series in the classroom.

Also, we are pleased to announce that there is a beautiful set of Guide Booklets that accompany the series.

The entire package is an amazing resource that makes speaking about Islam so much easier. It is great for Islamic organizations to give away to visitors and to provide to the schools in their neighborhoods.


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