June 29

The Miracle of Zamzam – 4 Amazing Lessons for Muslim Parents

All of us know the miracle of zamzam –  how it originated, how it overflows even to this day,  its healing properties and Allah’s powers of bringing ease to His slave in times of desperation and loneliness. However, what lessons can we learn from the miracle of Zamzam water? 

Read on to find out.

The story of Zamzam water begins with Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his family, who were left stranded in the barren desert of Mecca by Allah’s command. With no food or water, Ibrahim’s (AS) wife Hajar frantically searched for water for their baby son Ismail. She ran back and forth between two hills, Safa and Marwa, in search of water. Eventually, she heard a voice and saw an angel digging the ground with his wing, revealing a well of fresh water. This well was later named Zamzam, and it has been flowing continuously ever since.

Lessons to learn:

Trust in Allah: 

The story of how Hajar and Ismail found the well of Zamzam reminds us of the importance of trust in Allah. Despite being stranded without food or water, they continued to have faith that Allah would provide for them. Oftentimes, we find ourselves lost and in despair. It could be a loss of spiritual connection with Allah, or with our loved ones. It could be despair about what the future holds. We might be tensed about where we would be five years from now, or even a few months from today. Always remind yourself that your future is in Allah’s control and He is steering your life. What you need to do is have patience, absolute faith and trust in Allah, and strive as hard as you possibly can.


Hajar’s search for water was not an easy one. She ran back and forth between two hills, Safa and Marwa, seven times before finding the well of Zamzam. This demonstrates the importance of perseverance in Islam. Life throws challenges at us which may sometimes feel never ending. We might wonder when ease and peace will strike us but that’s the beauty and complexity of this dunya. We are meant to be tested but we will also be rewarded equally, if not more. The perseverance of Hajar is a testimony to how we should view life. She strove and never stopped until solution came her way, and when it did, it overflew.

Taqwa over Dunya:

The concept of taqwa (God-consciousness) is emphasised as a fundamental aspect of our faith. It refers to our awareness of Allah and our efforts to live a life that is in accordance with His commandments. Oftentimes, we prioritise the physical and material well-being of our children, but might falter when it comes to their spiritual development. Raising kids with taqwa will bring blessings and barakah that’s unimaginable to our logical thinking and reasoning.

Hajar and Ibraheem (AS) raised Ismail (AS) with taqwa. It is this taqwa that comes into play when Ismail (AS) is asked to sacrifice himself in order to fulfil his fathers wish. It is taqwa that makes Hajar boldly stay in a desert with her baby all by herself. It is taqwa that made Ibraheem (AS) jump into a huge pit of fire, knowing that no harm could come his way.

Raising our kids with taqwa is crucial to help them navigate the many hurdles they face in dunya, whether it be peer pressure at school or holding on to the deen when all their friends are doing otherwise. No words of comfort would hold them together as much as their taqwa upon Allah because when they hold on to the rope of Allah, no allurement or desires of this dunya can pull them down or entice them.

Blessings will pour in abundance:

We may be tired mentally and exhausted emotionally with the never ending trials of this dunya, but zamzam water is proof that the greater your trials, the bigger your blessings. Zamzam did not flow with a single cry or a single dua. Hajar was made to work hard for it. She had to desperately run seven times between Safa and Marwa in search of water. She was looking at the dreadful prospect of seeing her beloved son die due to dehydration and exhaustion. She had no one to help her and was left alone to figure things out. But what kept her going was her taqwa in Allah. She knew that if Allah brought her to it, He would save her from it too. It is this taqwa that made her experience the magic of zamzam. We may be tested repeatedly, but always remember that Allah’s ease and blessings are right around the corner too. They may not come immediately but they are on their way. With Allah by our side, there is no place for despair or grief. 

The story of how Zamzam water came should remind us of the importance of trust, perseverance, and gratitude in our lives. Whether it’s the physical benefits or the spiritual significance of Zamzam water, it is a reminder of Allah’s blessings and a reminder for us to always put our trust in Him.


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