November 13

Make Parenting Work: Part 1


Part 2

The joy and exhilaration people experience when they find out that they would become parents is indescribable. Parenthood is a journey that gives you unbelievable highs and painful lows. It is a journey that you want to hold on to, but also let go to witness how high your children fly. All kids are different from each other, and each one would require a unique style of parenting to get the best out of them. In this article, we will share simple yet powerful tips to help you in your journey of parenting.

1. Always Speak the Truth:

Let’s teach our children that speaking the truth is being like a brave super hero because it takes a lot of courage to tell the truth.

2. Teach Kids Generosity Through Sadaqah:

Teach your kids how easy it is to give and that even the SIMPLEST of acts can be called Sadaqah (charity).   For example, smiling at your parents with kindness is charity.  Let them know that it does not cost anything to smile, so be generous with their smile.

3. Teaching Kids Optimism:

Keep things positive all the time even when bad things happen.  Let your child know there is always something good in every bad situation.  It helps kids understand the meaning of optimism. Redirect their efforts in thanking Allah for every or keeping positive.  Being optimistic means being grateful to Allah, all the time. 

4. Teach Kids Cleanliness Through Wudu:

Wudu is a great way to teach kids the importance of cleanliness. Teach the different parts of the body that we clean when we make Wudu.  This will help them understand that even acts like cleanliness can be an act of worship.

5. Celebrate Your Child’s Achievements:

Always appreciate your children’s achievements. Show them it matters and that you care. This will help them grow into confident adults.

6. Everybody Loves Competitiveness (a little bit):

Everybody loves a little bit of competitiveness and when you can combine family fun into the mix, all the better.  For example, buy everyone in the house a pedometer (or take turns with just one, switching out every couple of days)  At the end of the week, the person with the most steps wins a small agreed upon prize.

7. Set The Example:

Set the example of what is acceptable screen time for your kids.   If they see you checking your email at the dinner table, they are going to assume that it is okay for them to do as well.  Your children look to you for guidance and will follow your lead.  If you don’t want them watching TV on a beautiful sunny day, don’t turn it on for yourself.  Instead, head outside for some special family time.

8. Accessing Junk Foods:

If you don’t want your kids filling up on junk food, don’t make it accessible.  It’s simple really.  The parents buy the groceries so instead of buying chips, cookies and soda purchase fruits, juice and whole-wheat crackers for snacking.  Then when they are able to have chips, cookies or soda, it will be a special treat rather than the expected.

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