November 15

Make Parenting Work: Part 2

Part 1

In the ongoing tips that make parenting a beautiful task, let us list some more that make life easy for you:

1. A family that prays together stays together.

Instil the love of Allah through prayer.  Prayer is a an excellent example of the importance of practising religion as a family. Families that share their beliefs, prayers, and feelings tend to be more successful. 

2. Sleep:

Sleep is an important part of childhood growth.  If your child isn’t getting adequate sleep (8 to 10 hours a night) you may need to make some changes.  If sleep is a challenge, try a few different techniques like using noise machines, less lighting, and no bedtime snacks to help calm a child’s brain, helping them unwind and relax. Make sure to not give them mobile devices or any gadget half an hour before bedtime.  

3. Unplug during meal times:

Unplug yourself and your kids from electronic devices and spend the time during your meals reconnecting with your family. Put down the cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices and make a point not to answer phone calls or e-mails (unless absolutely necessary). Meals are meant to be a socialise and have quality discussions with each other.

4. Learn to say NO!

Learning to say “No” when your child asks for a candy bar at checkout will go a long way towards teaching a child that you are here to satisfy their needs, not their wants. This doesn’t mean you can’t give your child anything, it just means you can’t give your child everything. If they have been particularly well behaved in the store and even helped you with the younger children, then a “Yes” may be in order.  Pick and choose your YES’s so they mean more when they do come.

5. Screen Time:

Limiting screen time and letting your child know when they get to watch what is crucial in maintaining a healthy balance of moderation.

For instance, let your child know that there is no screen time until homework and chores are completed, no screen time during special family times (like the dinner table) and no electronics in the bedroom at bedtime.  

6. Help Kids Establish Work Ethics:

Instil a work ethic from a young age to develop lifelong skills.  When money and material items are handed to children at a young age, the tradition carries over in to the adolescent years and adulthood. 

Start teaching your children when they are young that they need to earn their rewards through chores, good behaviour and respectfulness. This will help them learn money management and the hard truth that hard work is what pays off in life.

7. Internet isn’t kid friendly:

The Internet isn’t kid-friendly but children don’t understand this important fact.  As a parent, it is your job to teach internet safety.  Before you hand a tablet or phone with an internet connection to your child, discuss some internet safety aspects such as not giving out personal information, not sharing personal photos or not visiting unapproved websites.  

8. Instilling Compassion and Empathy:

We can only hope that by raising kids right, we can make a difference in the world. Our kids will be the next generation of leaders who will make the world a better place. Show compassion for those going through hard times and explain to your child why you feel compassionate for this person, and you will raise a compassionate child.

9. Caught Doing a Good Deed:

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times you react negatively to your kids in a given day? Make a point of finding something to praise your child/ren every day. Be generous with rewards — your love, hugs, and compliments can work wonders.


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