March 16

5 Ways to Make Ramadan Special for Your Kids

Ramadan is a special and sacred time of year for Muslims, and it can also be an exciting experience for children. From fasting to long taraweehs, delicious iftars to family gatherings, Ramadan has a vibe to it that is hard to explain in words. The excitement while sighting the new moon to wearing new clothes on Eid, children end up collecting memories that last a lifetime. In this article, let us see how we can make this Ramadan an incredibly special one our children inshaAllah

  1. Make a scrapbook

Documenting the beautiful moments of Ramadan is a great way to make lasting memories that can be cherished by your children for years to come. Here are some ideas on how to create a unique scrapbook with your kids:

  • Have your kids pick out 4-5 mementos each to include in the scrapbook – it could be anything from an interesting sticker to a piece of decor that was used during Ramadan, a photo of their favourite iftar or late night taraweeh they had with friends and family – the choices here are limitless. Glue these items to create a personalised touch to your child’s scrapbook.
  • Create personalized messages or sketches from each family member to be included in the scrapbook. This is especially meaningful for older children who are able to write about their experiences during this time.
  • Ask your child to write down one dua they made the most during Ramadan, and how it impacted them.

2. Ramadan bedtime stories

Yes, you will be tired after a long day of fast, but just take out 5 minutes before bedtime to share a story or read an interesting hadeeth to your child. If you can find children’s books about Ramadan, that’s great, if you can’t, you can always share stories about your childhood days and how you spent your Ramadan. Your stories will fascinate them! You can also choose a particular theme for your stories such as the Prophet’s (pbuh) journey or important lessons from the Quran and build up from there.

3. Allow them to fast

Young children often mimic their parents or older siblings. This Ramadan, encourage your children to fast if they show keen interest in doing so. Even if they can just fast for a quarter of a day, let them do so. Make their experience special by preparing their favourite dish for “iftar” and shower them with loads of encouragement and support. This will drive them to fast more often, ultimately making it easier for them to fast when it becomes obligatory.

4. Invite their friends over

Gather your kids and their friends for a special Iftar this Ramadan! Here are some ways to make it extra fun:

  • Fill the evening with activities and games that revolve around the idea of charity and compassion – such as donating old toys or building care packages for those in need.
  • Introduce kid-friendly recipes or unique snacks related to Ramadan that they can try out together for iftar.
  • Have the kids put together decorations and centerpieces with items found around the house, giving them an opportunity to use their creativity and imagination.
  • Designate a family member as the storyteller who can share tales about Ramadan, its customs, and religious teachings – giving them a greater understanding of the Holy Month.

Your children and their friends will talk about this for years to come.

5. Make taraweeh fun, exciting and memorable

Taraweeh prayers are an important part of Ramadan, and it’s essential to encourage children to participate in them. However, it can be challenging to keep kids engaged during long prayer sessions. Here are some ways to make Taraweeh prayers fun and engaging for kids:

  • Set up a designated prayer area: Create a special place in your home where your child can pray Taraweeh comfortably. Decorate the area with Islamic art or calligraphy, and include comfortable cushions or prayer rugs.
  • Use visual aids: Children love visuals, so consider using Islamic videos or images during the breaks between Taraweeh sets. This will help them better understand the meaning behind the prayers.
  • Recite shorter Surahs: Younger children may find it challenging to sit through long recitations of the Quran, so consider reciting shorter Surahs that they can easily memorize and recite themselves.
  • Offer rewards: Consider offering small rewards like stickers or treats for each set of Taraweeh completed by your child. This will motivate them to stay focused and engaged throughout the prayer session.
  • Keep it short: If your child is finding it difficult to sit through long prayer sessions, consider breaking up the Taraweeh into smaller sets throughout the night.
  • Involve them in leading prayer: Encourage your child to lead the prayer during one of the Taraweeh sets. This will give them a sense of responsibility and help them feel more connected to their faith.

Over to you! Let us know in the comments section how you plan to make this Ramadan exciting for your kids.


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