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5 Easy Ways to Help Kids Memorise Quran

In a world filled with distractions, instilling the timeless wisdom of the Quran in our children is a priceless gift. But how can we help them embark on this beautiful journey of memorization?

Unlock a world of spiritual growth and enlightenment for your child by diving in and exploring some powerful tips, guaranteed to make the journey of memorizing the Quran an unforgettable experience in sha Allah! Read on!

A parents dua is *always* answered

As parents, making dua for your children to memorize the Quran (hifdh) is a beautiful and powerful way to support their journey.

  • Sincerity: Begin by ensuring that your intention is pure and sincere. Your dua should come from the depths of your heart, seeking the best for your children and pleasing Allah alone.
  • Consistency: Make dua for your children’s hifdh regularly, preferably after each prayer or at any time when you feel closest to Allah. Consistency in making dua shows your commitment and dedication.
  • Specificity: Be specific in your dua. Ask Allah to bless your children with a strong memory, deep understanding, and unwavering love for the Quran. Pray for them to have focus, discipline, and ease in memorization.
  • Faith: Have full trust in Allah’s ability to answer your dua. Have faith that He knows what is best for your children and that He will grant your sincere supplications in His perfect timing.


Repetition plays a significant role in Quran memorization. It helps improve memory, concentration, and deep understanding of the verses. Regularly repeating the verses trains the brain to remember them better. The Quran is repetitive in its structure because each chapter encompasses various topics.

You can try…

  • Visual repetition, such as using visual aids or pictorial representations. These can be an effective technique for quality improvement in Quran memorization.
  • Listening to, reciting, or memorizing the Quran has been suggested to have positive effects on the psycho-social health and well-being of Muslims.
  • Choose a suitable place: Create a dedicated space for the memorization activity. It should be comfortable and free from distractions.
  • Sit facing each other: Sit with your children facing each other during the memorization sessions. This allows for better communication and discussion about what is being learned.
  • Repeat regularly: Encourage your children to repeat what they have memorized regularly. Consistent repetition helps reinforce the memorization and improves retention.
  • Use visual aids: Incorporate visual aids such as flashcards or posters with Arabic text and translations. Visual cues can aid in memorization and understanding.

Try different techniques

What works for one child may not work for another. Try different techniques to see which one clicks with your child. It may require several trial and errors but the efforts would be worth it in the end inshaAllah.

  • Break it down: Start with a manageable amount of verses or sections for your child to memorize. Breaking it down into smaller portions makes it easier for them to grasp and retain the information.
  • Recite together: Recite the verses together with your child. This not only provides them with an opportunity to listen and learn but also strengthens the bond between you and your child.
  • Bedtime recitation: Make it a habit to recite the verses before bedtime. This quiet and focused time can help children concentrate better and retain what they have learned.

Play on repeat

  • Familiarity with pronunciation: By repeatedly listening to the recitation, children become more familiar with the proper pronunciation and intonation of the verses. This helps them develop a better understanding of the words and their meanings.
  • Repetition and reinforcement: Hearing the same verses over and over again reinforces the memorization process. Repetition helps children internalize the verses, making it easier for them to recall and recite them from memory.
  • Subconscious learning: Continuous exposure to the recitation while playing it on repeat allows the verses to seep into the subconscious mind of the child. This can result in improved retention and quicker memorization.
  • Immersion in the Quranic atmosphere: Playing Quranic recitations on repeat creates an environment that is immersed in the beauty and spirituality of the Quran. It helps children feel connected to the verses and encourages a love for the Quran.

Remember, playing recitations on repeat should be complemented with active engagement, such as reciting along, discussing the meaning of the verses, and practicing memorization techniques. It should be used as a supportive tool alongside other memorization strategies.


Rewarding children for Quran memorization can be a great way to provide encouragement and motivation. Here are some ideas for rewards:

  • Verbal praise: Acknowledge and appreciate your child’s efforts by praising them verbally. Words of encouragement and recognition go a long way in boosting their confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Certificates or achievement charts: Create certificates or achievement charts to track and celebrate milestones in Quran memorization. Let your child proudly display their progress and achievements.
  • Special treats or outings: Offer small rewards like their favorite snack, a special dessert, or a fun outing to a park or playground as a way to celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Quran-related gifts: Consider gifting your child with items related to the Quran, such as a beautifully illustrated Quran, a Quranic storybook, or an audio recitation device. These gifts can reinforce their connection to the Quran and make the memorization process more enjoyable.

Remember, the ultimate reward for memorizing the Quran is the immense spiritual benefit and closeness to Allah. It’s important to instill this understanding in children and help them develop a love for the Quran beyond material rewards.

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