May 31

Developing Children Media-TV Al Hijrah Malaysia & Muslim Kids TV


Muslim Kids TV would like to welcome and congratulate TV AlHijrah’s new CEO Tuan Haji Izelan.

TV Al-Hijrah is Malaysia’s state-owned free-to-air television network that broadcasts values-based and Islamic programming.

TV AlHihrah and Muslim Kids TV are in negotiations on the cooperative development of children’s media for the channel. Both companies share the same goals of empowering and developing our future generations.

Muslim Kids TV will be launching a number of new children’s shows for Ramadan on TV AlHijrah. Over the coming year we hope for greater collaboration on the development of children’s media both broadcast and online.

TV AlHijrah’s CEO Tuan Haji Izelan & Muslim Kids TV CEO Michael Milo

TV AlHijrah and Muslim Kids TV believe that by working cooperatively they can have a much greater presence in the area of children’s media both in Malaysia and internationally.

Watch for updates on this exciting new partnership!


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