October 10

App Troubleshooting


Assalamu Alaikum,

You are here today because you may have noticed a drop in buffering speed for your favorite videos. 

At Muslim Kids TV, we do our best to give you the best, as such we provide videos of the highest quality and graphics.

In turn, you need a good stable internet connection to access our content quickly and without long buffering times. We also recommend that you use a device with a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM. 

If you cannot, do not fear! Follow the steps below to turn down the quality of the video, and speed up buffering on your device.

First, Select your favorite video

Next, click on the gear in the bottom right of the video

A tab that looks like this will pop up

Hit the quality tab, and select a lower quality value.

Experiment with the quality values, and discover what is the highest quality value that still provides you with good buffering speed.


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