May 25



Are you ready for Ramadan?

What about your children?

If you have been wondering how to prepare your child for Ramadan, we have an amazing activity book to help you get started.

“Race to Ramadan” – an ebook filled with amazing activities for your child to get them into Ramadan mode with ease.

What do you get?

Crossword puzzles, Coloring sheets, Quiz, Wordsearch And much much more! 

Here’s the catch!

An Amazing EID CARD CONTEST towards the end! Grab your paints and colors and bring out the artist in you! Make the best eid cards and win exciting cash prizes $100 and $75 & $50. Entries are to be sent to [email protected]!

Engaging ACTIVITY SUBMISSIONS while learning along!  Post different activities from our Ebook (Letter to Allah, Sadaqah goal, Ramadan Tree) using the hashtags #MuslimkidsTv #RamadanwithMKTV and we will select the best ones to be showcased on the MKTV website.

Send the completed ebook at [email protected] to win a SURPRISING GIVEAWAY! 

Download the FREE ACTIVITY BOOK to find out more!

Who can enter: 

Contests and submissions are open for everyone around the world.

Last Date for submission

10th May, 2022

Hurry! Make this the most exciting Ramadan for your kids inshaAllah!


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