December 28

Parenting Tips From Surah Yusuf: 4 Lessons For Parents On How To Raise Successful Kids

The story of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) in the Qur’an is an inspiring one, and a great source of knowledge and wisdom, particularly for parents.

By looking at the struggles faced by Prophet Yusuf’s father Yaqoob (peace be upon him), we can see how he overcame adversity, while teaching us valuable lessons that we can all learn from when it comes to raising our children.

Give Your Children Unconditional Love

Yaqoob (peace be upon him) taught us about the importance of giving children unconditional love. When Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was thrown into the well by his brothers, Yaqoob’s response showed us how important it is to show your kids love and guidance even when they have wronged.

He responded with compassion and understanding, and continued making dua to Allah instead of judging or blaming his other sons. In doing this, he showed us the power of accepting and loving our children while also constantly guiding them towards what is right, even if they have faltered multiple times.

Lead By Example

Yaaqoob (peace be upon him) also teaches us an important lesson about parenting: lead by example.

We learn that Yaqoob (peace be upon him) never lost faith in Allah and instead chose to patiently endure the difficult times with faith rather than give into despair like his sons did. He showed them what perseverance looks like and how rewarding it can be through his example.

This reminds us as parents that our own actions speak louder than words and will have more impact on our children’s growth than anything else.

Teach Your Children Problem Solving Skills

The story of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) also serves as a reminder for parents to give their kids problem solving skills that will stay with them throughout their lives.

After being falsely accused by the Azeez’s wife, Prophet Yusuf ( peace be upon him) found himself stuck in prison without any hope for freedom – until he put his problem-solving skills to use and interpreted the dreams of two inmates which led to his eventual release from prison many years later.

Through this, we learn that teaching our children problem solving skills early on will help set them up for success in life no matter what difficulties they may face along their path.

Work Ethic Leads To Success

Last but not the least, Prophet Yusuf’s (peace be upon him) story taught us how hard work leads to success despite difficulties encountered along the way.

From surviving famine conditions while shepherding sheep at a young age all the way up till he became Vizier or Prime Minister in Egypt after interpreting Pharaoh’s dream – each step was marked by hard work and dedication which eventually led him to success against all odds! It was his unrelenting belief in Allah and imaan that pulled him through hard times and kept him humble during easy times.

As parents we need to teach our children not only the importance of hard work but also how it can pave a pathway for achieving greater things in life!

In conclusion, there are many lessons for parents when it comes to raising successful kids that can be found within Surah Yusuf – starting from showing them unconditional love all the way through working hard towards achieving goals set out in life.


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