December 10

Why isn’t it Free?


Since the start of our platform, many have praised our initiative, our projects, our goals. But throughout one question keeps on popping up.

“Why isn’t it free?”

You see, it would be easy to make a website with one, two, or maybe three great videos, and stop there. But that is not what we wanted when we envisioned Muslim Kids TV.

What we envisioned is a sustainable, and ever-growing platform that you can access today, tomorrow or even 10 years from now.

But for the service to be sustainable, it needs funding.

We tried to lobby different countries and Islamic organizations for funding, grants, and other financial support but we quickly realized that this is going nowhere, and even if the money were to be granted, it would be a one time support that would not fit in with our visions of a long-lived platform.

All of this meant that if we wanted our platform to be sustainable, we had to make a compromise…

One way to support our program would have been to follow the ways of other large companies, and fund our programming with advertisements, but we were and are unwilling to subject our kids, to advertisements that would manipulate, cajole or distract them from what they have reached out to us to learn.

The other option was to turn to subscriptions. For a small fee, we provide kids with access to books, movies, cartoons, and more.

With your support, we have ensured that our service is adaptable, affordable, sustainable, and most important of all, halal.

Your support goes to ensuring our authors keep on writing more of your favorite eBooks, movies, and cartoons; and that our artists and animators can turn them into programming that our children can engage in.

Your support ensures our engineers can keep working as hard as they ever have to develop our platform so that every day it is better than it was the day before, and that it is accessible through the device of your choice.

Your support is what ensures that we can keep our platform online and available, for all to learn from.

And so not only do we thank you but so will the children who learn from this platform and grow up having knowledge of their Deen.

May this In Sha Allah be counted for all of us as a Sadaqah e Jariyah, Aameen!


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