June 5

Navigating Technology and Screen Time for Muslim Kids

In today’s digital age, the Muslim kids are exposed to technology at a young age, and it’s important to navigate its use mindfully. As Muslim parents, there may be additional concerns about the impact of screen time on our children and how it fits in with our values. Furthermore, we may find ourselves struggling to understand what is appropriate for our children when it comes to technology use. In this post, we’ll explore some considerations for Muslim parents who want to approach technology and screen time with intention and mindfulness.

Be Mindful of Digital Content

It’s important to be mindful of the digital content your child is consuming. Plenty of online content can be harmful to Muslim kids, from violent and inappropriate video games to social media that promotes unhealthy lifestyles. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the apps, games, and websites that your child is using and ensure they are appropriate for their age and values.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries is essential in managing your child’s screen time. It’s important to set limits on the amount of time your child spends on their digital devices, and encourage them to engage in other activities like reading, outdoor play, or spending time with family and friends. Additionally, you might consider setting specific times of day when digital devices are allowed so your child learns to live in moderation.

Get Involved in Your Child’s Digital Life

As a Muslim parent, getting involved in your child’s digital life can help you understand what they are exposed to and provide guidance where it’s needed.
You could do this by playing video games with your child, or by reviewing the apps and websites they like to visit. This will help you to find common ground with your child and encourage them to be more open with you about what they are doing online.

Encourage Mindful Use of Technology

Technology can be a powerful tool for Muslim kids, providing access to valuable educational resources and connecting them with the Muslim community. Encouraging mindfulness when using technology can help your child to use it in a more productive way, rather than just for entertainment. You might encourage your child to follow Islamic content creators on social media, or use digital media to learn more about Islamic history.

Use Technology to Strengthen Family Bonds

You might consider using technology as a tool to strengthen family bonds. There are many apps and tools available that are designed to connect family members who are separated by distance, allowing you to stay in touch with your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world. By using technology,
you can create meaningful and lasting memories with your family.

Monitor Your Children’s Use

Finally, it’s important to monitor our children’s screen time to ensure that they are following the boundaries and engaging in appropriate behaviors on their devices. Parents need to remain aware of the apps, sites, and online communities that their children are accessing, and whether these are in line with your beliefs and values. Monitoring can be done using parental control settings and developing a mutual understanding of responsible tech use guidelines.


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