December 2

World Premiere of Mama and Lulu Live


Mama and Lulu – the two most adorable birds around are coming to your city soon, inshaAllah!

If your children love Mama and Lulu jump for joy because we are taking the show on the road! Join us at the 53 Annual ISNA Convention on the main stage entertainment night for the World Premiere of Mama and Lulu Live.

Let’s face it – the Halal entertainment options for our children are pretty limited. Muslim Kids TV’s all new live theatre show is not only entertaining and educational but also enriches our children’s understanding of Islam and their Muslim identity.

Be sure to see Mama and Lulu live at the 53 Annual ISNA Convention September 2 – 5, 2016. Come and meet Mama and Lulu and maybe catch a selfie.


Live, Mama and Lulu, premiere

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