October 19

Mama and Lulu visit the Land of Elvis


Special thanks to the Muslim community in Memphis Tennessee for inviting Mama and Lulu to perform at the Eid Ul’ Fitri Festival.

The annual Eid prayer and Festival brings together all of the Muslim communities in Memphis in a wonderful show of togetherness. What better way to celebrate Eid than to create in the hearts and minds of our children the fondest of memories through song and celebration.

The Mama and Lulu live theatrical event has recently been redesigned and now features Ilyas Mao one of the world’s best nasheed artist. Ilyas Mao performs live original nasheed along with the amazing Mama and Lulu larger than life puppets.

Mama and Lulu with Ilyas Mao is one of the most creative ways to develop engagement. It is perfect for bringing together families and demonstrating commitment to the development of our children. 


Eif ul FItr, Mama and Lulu, Memphis, perform

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