November 3

By and For the Family: A Simple Guide


Sarah loves spending time with her family and parents as well. Here’s what she has to say:

“My parents are strict. No kidding! But then, slowly I have realized that they only stop me from doing things that will harm me. Otherwise, I am free to do what I want. And because of this understanding that finally dawned upon me, I love my family beyond anything because that’s where my comfort is and I know I am safe with them. 

Love you Baba and Mama!” 

As children, there are certain obligations you must fulfil towards your parents and your family. 

You ask, “Why?”

Imagine you have done your friend a favor. It was difficult for you, but you cared for them deeply and didn’t mind if it caused you trouble in the process. In return, how would you feel if your friend ignored you and never bothered being nice to you?

That’d hurt a lot! 

Our parents, and family do much more than this for us. Isn’t it time we make them feel special, loved and always cared for? 

Allah loves that from us too. He has given family ties a high status and if we try to keep this relation intact and nourish it with love, our reward meters from Allah shoot up! 

Here’s how you can have the best family relations with your parents and siblings AND earn Allah’s pleasure as well. 

1. Be Kind to your Parents:

And your Lord has decreed that you worship not except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word. 

[Surah al Isra, 17:23]

When you were little, you asked the same question repeatedly and your parents would smile lovingly and answer them over and over again. As people grow old, Allah says that they start behaving like children. Won’t you want to support and take care of them as they did? 

2. Family is always First:

After a long day at school, all you’d like to do is go back home, have some good food and relax, isn’t it? Your family – your siblings, your parents – will always be there for you when you are sad and rejoice with you when you are happy!

Have you tried making something special for them? Perhaps, bake a cake, make a card for them – anything that would put a smile on their face. Try it!

3. Respect your Parents:

Your parents deserve all the respect you can give them. If you feel they don’t understand you or have taken away your freedom, speak to them about it. Let them know how you feel. They have raised you. They love you more than you can ever imagine. 

“Someone came to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and said,’ O Messenger of Allah, to whom should I serve first? ‘The Prophet ﷺ  replied, ‘Your mother!’ And the man returned and asked ‘Then who else?’

The Prophet ﷺ  replied,’ Your mother! ‘The man asked again,’ Then who else? ‘He replied,’ Your mother. ‘The man asked again,’ Then who else, ‘the Prophet ﷺ  replied,’ Then your father.’”(Bukhari and Muslim)

You see how blessed their status is? How highly Allah and the Prophet ﷺ spoke about them! Would we want to be those who disrespect them and earn the displeasure of Allah? 

4. Give them happiness! 

Your parents don’t want your money or your favours. All they yearn for is your kind and gentle attitude. When you love them, their heart soars with happiness. Give them your time and attention. Make them feel important. They deserve it. 

What’s more that in these acts of love, you are also pleasing Allah, the One who has blessed you with so much in your life! 

Do you know what the Prophet ﷺ said? 

“I know there is no other action that brings people closer to Allah than good treatment and respect

for one’s mother.” (Al-Adab Al-Mufrad Bukhari)

5. Sibling Rivalry – Resolve it! 

How about your siblings? 

“Well, they are nasty!” But you aren’t, right? 

If your siblings annoy you, be the better one and love them instead. After all, you are one family. And in thick or thin, you will always find them by your side, in sha Allah! 

We are here, in this world, for a short time, to collect as many good deeds. Do you know why we are trying our best to have our basket full of rewards? 

So that on the Day of Judgement, we can get to meet Allah and He too will be pleased with us! 

SubhanAllah! Is there anything else you’d want more than this? Meeting the One who created you and always took care of you?  

Let’s strive to achieve this, In Sha Allah. 

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