July 13

Muslim Kids TV – Islamic Schools’ Invitational Challenge


With the start of the new school year in North America, get ready for the Muslim Kids TV – Islamic Schools’ Invitational Challenge

This cutting edge multi-media challenge will bring together the top international Muslim schools and the best and brightest Muslim students.

The Muslim Kids TV – Islamic Schools Invitational Challenge will include three separate challenges for participating schools.

1)    Creative Kids Story Writing Contest 
2)    Dear World Social Studies Challenge (projects designed by children for a better world)
3)    Best Science Fair Project

Each challenge will be turned into a multi-part TV series that will be broadcast on Muslim Kids TV as well as on “Media Partner” TV channels. The best submissions from students around the world will be showcased. 

  • Win cash prizes
  • Students’ work showcased internationally
  • Receive additional exposure for your school


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