October 20

How is MKTV Different From Other YouTube Islamic Channels?

What makes MKTV different from other Youtube Islamic channels?

With numerous Islamic Youtube channels surfacing on our feed on a daily basis, it is no wonder that we are spoilt for choices, and rightfully so. When did variety ever hurt anybody, right?

The million dollar question, henceforth, is – WHAT MAKES MUSLIM KIDS TV DIFFERENT FROM THE REST ? What does MKTV offer that sets it apart from other Youtube channels?

For starters, MKTV delivers excellence on all fronts of Islam in terms of Halal content – an envious database of over 15,000 videos, games, eBooks and more- while not alienating itself from any realm of society. 

The secular knowledge within the guidelines of Islam is our USP to ensure our children fit into the grooves of society.

Connoisseurs of authentic, educational and enlightening hubs related to science, medicine, technology, astronomy and much more, your child will be desirous once they delve into the world that MKTV has envisioned for its ardent fans and followers.

We focus on providing content for children in the age groups ranging from 2 years all the way upto 12 years. This is to ensure that they lead a life adorned with Islamic values in a moderate fashion and not find themselves deserted or isolated by their kith and kin or peers alike.

If you thought the fun ends here, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Not only is MKTV a treasure box of captivating videos on diverse subjects, we also have hundreds of engaging e-books for kids with a penchant for the letters and words, or even for those who want to inculcate reading as a hobby amongst their children. The lovely colorful illustrations give life to the enchanting e-books! You will be amazed!

The GAMUT OF GAMES that your child can indulge in from time to time are an ideal way to keep your child occupied while educating them in the most endearing way possible. The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to worry about inappropriate advertisements that are the order of the day and usually pop up with online games these days. 

Instilling a competitive spirit to keep our children motivated is also a top priority with MKTV. Behold! You have yourselves a captivating CREATIVE CORNER where your child can make submissions for contests or wield the pen – whether it is story writing, drawing, arts and crafts or any other skill that they may want to show to their fellow friends.

MKTV is 100% child friendly -Not to forget – They are COPPA Compliant Assured, which implies your children are safe with regards to the content, language, tone and themes covered ! Hence, it goes without saying that there is absolutely no need for adult supervision during MKTV time. Moreover, it is accessible via web, mobile apps and Smart TV at home. 

And now for the deal breaker! What about the cost for all the perks of being a subscriber of MKTV? Does it cost a tad too much? Now, this is where things get too good to believe –  we provide all these services at super-economical and drool worthy rates for content that is gold. How great is that?

An intricate balance of accuracy and ease of understanding is required when addressing Islamic concepts and history to the world. To cut the long story short, MKTV is the ultimate benchmark when it comes to  providing a praiseworthy platform to better many different aspects of Muslims’ lives while also excelling at granting Da’wah of Islam. 


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