October 1

Global Leaders in Education | Al Hamra International School | Muslim Kids TV |

In this interview, Adam Mostar, principal of Al Hamra International School, Malaysia discusses his experience of using technology in Islamic education. He also answers questions about whether or not he believes technology will become more popular in Islamic schools in the future.
Our host of the Global Educator Series, Riza Rachmadsyah, had a great time chatting with Mr. Adam Mostar on how we can use digital education to help our communities thrive and also, shed light on the basic requirement that if we want our children to be able to use technology, then make sure they have access to people who can teach them how—and if they don’t have access to those resources, work on making some!
Seeing is believing! How do we judge how much is good?


Adam Mostar, Al Hamra International School, educators, global, Malaysia

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