September 25

Emoji Express – COMING SOON on Muslim Kids TV!

Wondering how to raise emotionally resilient kids?

Introducing “Emoji Express” – a fun and educational show designed specifically for kids. Our show revolves around young protagonists who face frustration, anger, and the burst of emotions that come with growing up. Through their adventures, your child will learn valuable life lessons and gain essential emotional intelligence.

In each episode, your little ones will join our lovable characters as they navigate the colorful world of emotions. From joy to anger, sadness to excitement, Emoji Express brings emotions to life, teaching kids how to identify and express their feelings in a healthy way.

But that’s not all! Emoji Express goes beyond entertainment. With research-backed strategies and interactive activities, we aim to empower your child with lifelong emotional skills that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to help your child grow emotionally! 

Join the Emoji Express adventure!

Help your child embrace the journey of growing up with confidence, empathy, and resilience. “Emoji Express” is here to support you every step of the way.


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