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4 Lessons from the Life of Prophet Isa (AS)

With the holiday season almost here, it is hard to ignore the eye-catching decorations of the shops and streets around us. From Christmas trees and candies, string lights to festivities, it is extremely challenging for Muslim parents to ignore the “festive” spirit. 

However, when we look a the life of Isa (AS) and his mother Maryam (AS), we can derive powerful lessons that can carry us through our parenting journey. 

Read on to find out.

#1 Never ending miracles  

Jesus (AS) was born without a father, reinforcing Allah’s might and power in all that He can do. 

When we face certain difficulties or hardships, we often wonder how we can get out of that situation. We might think there is nothing and no one that can remove the obstacle out of our paths, even while knowing deep down that Allah is capable of everything. 

As humans, it is only natural to drown in our sorrows. We forget that Allah is in supreme control of every aspect of our lives.

The life and birth of Jesus (AS) is a great example to remind ourselves that Allah is indeed capable of everything. He only has to say “Be” and it is.

#2 A parents’ dua never goes unanswered

Hannah had fervently asked Allah to bless her with a baby boy whom she could place under His worship. When she was blessed with a baby girl (Maryam), she could not believe her eyes. She always yearned for a boy, however, this did not stop her from placing her beloved daughter under Allah’s servitude.

Allah did not let Hannah’s duas go in vain. Instead, He (Swt) blessed her duas with something much greater! Maryam (AS) would go on to have a son, who would not be any ordinary child. Instead, he would turn out to be Isa (AS)  – one of the greatest prophets of all time, calling people towards worshipping Allah.

This is the power of dua

We often wonder where our duas are going when we are repeatedly asking for something and not receiving it. Understand that while we may not have received what we asked for, we are being prepared to receive more than what we asked for, because Allah never leaves the hands of His slaves empty handed when they are raised up to Him (swt).

#3 A parent’s devotion

Maryam (AS) was an extremely devout woman, who spent her days and nights worshipping Allah. She was blessed with miracles upon miracles. When her uncle Zakariyah (AS) entered her room one day, he found provisions that were unheard of and unseen at that time. When asked where she got them from, she replied that it is Allah who gives. 

This is an amazing reminder to every single mother (and father) going through the struggles and pressures of this dunya – never underestimate the power of Allah in your lives. When you are devoted to Allah, He will provide for you from places unknown and turn your dreams into reality.

#4 Your biggest trial could be your biggest blessing

As long as you seek Allah and are sincere to Him, even the biggest hardships that this life throws at you will seem bearable. Maryam (AS) was known for her devotion, but she too was tested with a trial of becoming pregnant when no man touched her. 

How would anyone believe her story? How could she bear the pangs of childbirth all by herself?

While Allah tested her, He did not abandon her. He guided her to take rest under a date palm tree, He inspired her to eat the dates that fell from it. He was there at every step – guiding her, nourishing her and strengthening her amidst her fears and tears. 

Getting pregnant was Maryam’s (AS) greatest trial, but receiving Isa (AS) as her son, who would go on to become a Prophet, was her biggest blessing.

As Muslims, and as parents, there are many things we fear. However, when you are tested with a hardship, remember that Allah is blessing you with something else simultaneously, even while you don’t recognize it instantly.

Over to you. Let us know in the comments section what lessons we can derive from Maryam (AS) and Jesus (AS).


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